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Episode 278

Published on:

1st Aug, 2022

Episode 277

Published on:

30th Jul, 2022

Episode 276

Published on:

29th Jul, 2022

Episode 275

Published on:

28th Jul, 2022

Episode 274

Published on:

27th Jul, 2022

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About the Podcast

Postcards From Paris
The sound of each postcard brings alive a particular moment of the every day life in Paris. This is an opportunity to travel to Paris with your ears, take a deep breath and slow down to appreciate the good moments in your day.

Your host, Tania Del Rio, www.happyhealthyandzen.com

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Tania Del Rio

These postcards are a way to share those moments that we often miss that make the difference between an ordinary day and an extraordinary one. This is Tania's personal view of the every day life in Paris and what happens when we slow down and observe the world around us through our senses. Tania transitioned from doing scientific research in a laboratory to being a health coach and yoga teacher in her own quest for stress management. She has been leading yoga wellness workshops and health coaching programs in Paris since 2012.